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GCB 2024 in Bielefeld

The German Confe­rence on Bioin­for­matics GCB 2024 (Bielefeld, 30 Sep – 2 Oct 2024) will feature a full programme of research talks, a posters exhibition and several tutorial workshops.

Bas Dutilh (Jena University), Caroline Friedel (LMU München), Tim Hubbard (King’s College London), Johannes Köster (Univer­sität Duisburg Essen), and Luca Pinello (Harvard) will give the keynotes.

Would you like to present your latest results? The scien­tific committee invites you to submit abstracts of lectures and posters from data science, imaging, infra­structure & services, medical infor­matics, modeling, omics, single cell research, struc­tural biology, and other fields. The abstracts should comprise one page for a poster and two pages for a presen­tation. Abstracts that cannot be considered for presen­ta­tions can be subse­quently considered for posters; if corre­spon­dingly marked, they will be automa­ti­cally trans­ferred.

The abstracts for presen­ta­tions can be submitted until 6 May 2024, the submission of poster abstracts will close on 7 August 2024

Do you have an idea for a workshop on a cutting-edge topic?

Please suggest half-day workshops providing oppor­tu­nities for hands-on experience via e‑mail to Robert Heyer by 4 Mar 2024.

The confe­rence will have ample networking oppor­tu­nities including the confe­rence dinner. Please find updated infor­mation on the confe­rence website: https://gcb2024.de/