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Thomas Manke: Bioin­for­matics and Deep-Sequencing Unit

Bundesland: Baden-Württemberg

Stadt: Freiburg

Leiter: Thomas Manke

Zentrum: Max-Planck-Institut für Immun­bio­logie und Epige­netik


The regulation of gene expression is controlled by multiple mecha­nisms, such as the sequence-specific binding of transcription factors to DNA, epige­netic signals and a dynamic chromatin state. An unbiased under­standing of these processes requires access to large-scale experi­ments and the capacity to analyze genome-wide data. Apart from supporting many colla­bo­rative projects at the MPI-IE, the group interacts closely with the Deep-Sequencing Unit that generates data at an unpre­ce­dented scope, resolution and rate.

The Bioin­for­matics Group is operating a powerful Data Center (more than 800 cores and 500 terabytes of storage)
for the primary analysis of sequencing data and large-scale biocom­puting. For our internal users we host extensive web services, workflows and custo­mized tools that help with data management, visua­liza­tions, standar­dized analyses and data sharing.

Together with the sequencing facility, we actively contribute to larger networks of epige­nomic research
(German Epigenome Programme DEEP and CRC992 “Medical Epige­netics”) and support these projects with
our expertise in deep-sequencing data generation and analysis.

To help our colle­agues with the inter­pre­tation of genome-wide data, the group offers regular training courses and inter­active tutorials.

Inter­net­präsenz: https://www.ie-freiburg.mpg.de/de/bioinformaticsfac

Kontakt: manke@ie-freiburg.mpg.de