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Prof. Dr. Ina Koch: Molecular Bioin­for­matics

Bundesland: Hessen

Stadt: Frankfurt am Main

Leiterin: Prof. Dr. Ina Koch

Univer­sität: Goethe-Univer­sität Frankfurt a. M.

Zentrum: Bioin­for­matik an der Goethe-Univer­sität Frankfurt a. M.


  • Quali­tative and quanti­tative modeling of bioche­mical processes in metabolic networks, in signal trans­duction networks, and in gene regulatory networks
    Adaption and extension of Petri net and Boolean techniques for exploring bioche­mical systems
  • Modeling of cell commu­ni­cation
  • Protein structure topology, protein structure compa­rison
  • Graph theory and graph algorithms in compu­ta­tional chemistry, biology, and compu­ta­tional systems biology

Inter­net­präsenz: http://www.bioinformatik.uni-frankfurt.de/

Kontakt: ina.koch@bioinformatik.uni-frankfurt.de