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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klebe: Wirkstoff­design und Struk­tur­bio­logie

Bundesland: Hessen

Stadt: Marburg

Leiter: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klebe

Univer­sität: Philipps-Univer­sität Marburg

Zentrum: Bioin­for­matik an der Philipps-Univer­sität Marburg


  • Analysis and classi­fi­cation of struc­tural data on protein-ligand complexes
  • Develo­pment of experi­mental and compu­ta­tional tools for the discovery and design of specific modulators of protein function
  • Experi­mental and compu­ta­tional approaches towards a better under­standing of binding affinity, enthalpy and entropy, selec­tivity and inter­action kinetics
  • Design projects to modulate the function of proteins relevant for different thera­peutic areas such as infec­tious diseases or used as engineered bioca­ta­lysts
  • Role of water in protein-ligand binding

Inter­net­präsenz: http://pc1664.pharmazie.uni-marburg.de/

Kontakt: klebe@mailer.uni-marburg.de