Disser­tation award

Bioin­for­matics Disser­tation Prize

The Bioin­for­matics Research Group (FaBI) is once again awarding the FaBI Disser­tation Prize for outstanding disser­ta­tions in the field of bioin­for­matics. The FaBI board decides on the awarding of the prize. FaBI is a joint specialist group of the six scien­tific societies DECHEMA, GBM, GDCh, GI, GMDS and VAAM and represents more than 1400 bioin­for­ma­ti­cians in Germany.


In addition to prize money of €1000, the award winner will be able to attend the German Confe­rence on Bioin­for­matics 2024 in Bielefeld free of charge. Confe­rence dinner, reimbur­sement of travel expenses (2nd class train or economy flight ticket) and three nights’ hotel accom­mo­dation are included in the case of the face-to-face event. The award will be presented during GCB 2024 and includes the oppor­tunity to present the research paper in a lecture.


  • The dispu­tation date is in the period 1 March 2023 — 30 May 2024
  • . May 2024
  • The candidate declares his/her willingness to parti­cipate in the GCB 2024 if he/she receives the award.

The super­visor of the disser­tation is entitled to submit proposals if he/she has the right to award docto­rates and leads a working group in German-speaking countries. He/she can only propose one candidate at a time.

Requested proposal documents:

  • Letter of proposal from the super­visor with a detailed justi­fi­cation of the award worthiness (max. 2 pages)
  • Disser­tation
  • Cv of the candidate including a list of presen­ta­tions and publi­ca­tions
  • Summary of the disser­tation in German and English
  • Proof of successful completion of the defence or viva voce

Proposals can be submitted electro­ni­cally in PDF format until 31 May 2024 .

For the Advisory Board of the Bioin­for­matics Division,

Prof. Dr Caroline Friedel (Spokesperson of the Advisory Board)