What is Bioin­for­matics?

Bioin­for­matics appliese methods from infor­matics to scien­tific problems in life sciences. Starting as a connecting disci­pline between infor­matics and the…

Bioin­for­matics in Germany

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Using computers for scien­tific purposes plays a major role in many fields of natural sciences. Computing is omnipresent in life…

Welcome to the website of the Bioin­for­matics Interest Group (FaBI)!

In September 2014, bioin­for­ma­ti­cians in Germany united in the joint interest group Bioin­for­matics (German: Fachgruppe Bioin­for­matik (FaBI)). FaBI emerged from the respective groups of the four founding societies GI (German Infor­matics Society), DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotech­nology), GBM (Society for Bioche­mistry and Molecular Biology) and GDCh (German Chemical Society). In fall 2015, also the GMDS (German Society for Medical Infor­matics, Biometry, and Epide­miology) joined FaBI, followed by the Association for General and Applied Micro­biology e.V. (VAAM) in May 2019.

FaBI represents more than 750 members today and considers itself as a collective advocate for interests of bioin­for­matics research commu­nities in Germany. FaBI also serves as a point of contact for policy­makers, businesses, and society aiming to strengthen computer-science-based life science research at large.

On this homepage we portray topics of interest to bioin­for­ma­ti­cians or compu­ta­tional biolo­gists in Germany. You can gain insights into bioin­for­matics research, exploring oppor­tu­nities for studying bioin­for­matics or current events and job openings for bioin­for­ma­ti­cians.

Would you also like to become a member of the Bioin­for­matics Joint Interest Group and thus contribute to bolstering the interests of bioin­for­matics in Germany?

If you want to post a job opening, an event or other infor­mation  on the FaBI webpage or just provide feedback, please send us an email to us at the respective email address.