Research in Germany

Due to the incre­asing adoption of systemic research approaches in the life sciences and the availa­bility of large-scale high-throughput datasets, bioin­for­matics has become a central disci­pline of immense importance. n Germany, this trend was recognized early on, and around the year 2000, bioin­for­matics centers for research and education were deliberately estab­lished. With over 90 profes­sor­ships and independent research groups today, Germany demons­trates a very high level of research and educa­tional compe­tence in bioin­for­matics. FaBI’s webpage provides an overview of research insti­tu­tions, profes­sor­ships and degree programs with bioin­for­matics content.

The infor­mation on research groups and insti­tu­tions on is based on the webpages of univer­sities, colleges of applied science or research groups as well as on the infor­mation provided by their heads. All infor­mation is given without warranty of any kind. Parti­cu­larly. we do not claim to be compre­hensive. If a research group or insti­tution is missing, please feel free to send us a message to


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