Leiter: Dr. Jan Ellenberg

Zentrum: European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL), Heidelberg


The main focus of our group is to systematically elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying cell division and nuclear organisation in single cells and early mammalian embryos. We are developing a broad range of quantitative fluorescence-based imaging technologies to assay the functions of the involved molecular machinery non-invasively, automate imaging to address all its molecular components, and computationally process image data to extract biochemical and biophysical parameters that are then integrated and mined using computational models.

Our research involves:

- Advanced quantitative imaging technologies of protein complex structure and dynamics
- Computational image analysis and data mining
- Computational analysis of protein networks during mitosis
- Computational modelling of genome architecture and formation of mitotic chromosomes

Internetpräsenz: http://www.embl.de/research/units/cbb/ellenberg/index.html

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