Leiter: Thomas Manke

Zentrum: Max-Planck-Institut für Immunbiologie und Epigenetik


The regulation of gene expression is controlled by multiple mechanisms, such as the sequence-specific binding of transcription factors to DNA, epigenetic signals and a dynamic chromatin state. An unbiased understanding of these processes requires access to large-scale experiments and the capacity to analyze genome-wide data. Apart from supporting many collaborative projects at the MPI-IE, the group interacts closely with the Deep-Sequencing Unit that generates data at an unprecedented scope, resolution and rate.

The Bioinformatics Group is operating a powerful Data Center (more than 800 cores and 500 terabytes of storage)
for the primary analysis of sequencing data and large-scale biocomputing. For our internal users we host extensive web services, workflows and customized tools that help with data management, visualizations, standardized analyses and data sharing.

Together with the sequencing facility, we actively contribute to larger networks of epigenomic research
(German Epigenome Programme DEEP and CRC992 "Medical Epigenetics") and support these projects with
our expertise in deep-sequencing data generation and analysis.

To help our colleagues with the interpretation of genome-wide data, the group offers regular training courses and interactive tutorials.

Internetpräsenz: https://www.ie-freiburg.mpg.de/de/bioinformaticsfac

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